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Tools: Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Aseprite, Animate, Roblox, Unreal Engine


These illustrations were printed on acrylic and used as replacement panels on custom Star Wars-themed computer cases. The cases have glass sides and fronts and these panels replaced the front and a backlit faceplate trim section along the front side. Also shown below are examples of the computer cases.

Vector illustrations - computer case panels, printed on acrylic
Geek Machine - Stormtrooper
Vector illustrations - computer case panels, printed on acrylic
Geek Machine - Darth Vader


It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less tha-wait… This 3D print-ready model is a fusion of  hilarity!

Millenniumprise figurine - 3D print-ready
Millenniumprise figurine - 3D print-ready


Star Wars Death Star™ ITX computer case concept. The globe houses the motherboard and the GPU sits in the base. 


3D-printable character heads for custom keyboard keycaps for Star Trek: Lower Decks. Sculpted and textured in Blender, the physical prints were then hand-painted and this coloring was a guide for the painter.

Printed and painted keyboard keycap prototypes being shown at a Star Trek convention.

Also shown is an example of 2D source material referenced when translating into 3D sculpts.


This illustration is for a 1980’s retro style arcade cabinet. It was printed on acrylic and used as the  backlit marquee.

Vector art – Arcade cabinet top graphic, printed on acrylic

Assets from the game itself, done in a pixel art style in Aseprite and the game made in Unreal Engine. Ship assets enlarged 4x.

Star Trek - themed arcade shooter | Unreal Engine
Pixel art - game background
Start Screen
Pixel art - game assets (enlarged 2x)
Pixel art VFX


 Unreal Engine  |  Roblox  |  Unity

Custom models and textures imported into Roblox.

Roblox - custom models and textures imported

Simple fire VFX done in Unreal Niagara particle system.

Unreal Niagara - simple fire

Mechanics of floating, steering, and wind working in Unreal for Goat on a Float™

Goat on a Float™ mechanics

Illustrator & Unity | Assets and gameplay of a game made in TWO WEEKS to catch the current social drama at the time.

Old West town scene | Roblox –  Task: use provided assets to lay out a scene.


Roblox - provided assets
Roblox - provided assets
Roblox - provided assets


Various figurines, parts and product concepts, most intended for 3D printing, at least in the prototype phase.

'Death' - from Have a Nice Death - 3D print-ready

Computer case concept. For this task, I was to take the Christopher Nolan Batman series Tumbler (Batmobile) as inspiration and make a computer case that looks like something Lucius Fox would have developed. Initial sketch shown below.

Batman-themed computer case; front
Batman computer initial sketch

Stargate all-in-one computer case concept. The idea is the (square-ish) monitor would sit in the gate, with the components in a stone and rock base with steps up to the gate. It was designed so that the symbols ring actually rotates within the outer and inner rings, using an electric lazy susan. The outer and inner rings have keys so they fit together. Project was dropped, so it’s unfinished.

Stargate ITX computer/monitor case concept: detail
Stargate ITX computer/monitor case concept: detail

Detail showing one outer ring section with key and how everything fits together with the other rings and lazy susan.

Stargate ITX computer/monitor case concept: detail

Sculpt for the interior door and side mirror of a Delorean-themed computer. Also shown is the computer being displayed at a convention, complete with working lights and a leather strap on the door handle, just like the real car.

Delorean computer door sculpt
Delorean computer at convention

Hard surface greeble for a Borg Cube computer.

3D-printable model greeble


Bar with an integrated hot tub for a property in Malibu, CA.

bar/hot tub concept
Bar with integrated hot tub - Malibu, CA


Vector art - Imperial Probe Droid
Vector art - Borg Alcove
Borg Alcove vector and animation
Council of Seven Building concept for Goat on a Float™
Goat on a Float™ character concept

Fiber optic light engine patent drawing.

Patent drawing

Logo for Geek Machine, a pop culture-themed line of custom computers.

Geek Machine logo

This truck and zombie scene was used to create a large vinyl decal for the tailgate of a sentimental pick-up truck the owners called their “zombie apocalypse getaway truck.”

Illustration used to make vinyl decal
Decal applied to truck
Vector illustration - wolf character


Apparel graphic

Apparel graphics – crew shirts and shirts for sale. Designs incorporating both existing company logos and original illustrations.

Apparel graphic
Apparel graphic


These are assets for a custom home lighting control app. The client wanted it to be treasure map-themed. The map can be zoomed in to manipulate and control all the lights on the property and treats of little animations are all over it.

Map for custom light control app, CherryPi

Portal, app and logo design for Education Through Music Los Angeles. ETMLA is a nonprofit that works to keep music and the arts in schools. They wanted a hub for educators and arts professionals to connect for training and events, etc. Then 2020 happened and put the brakes on this (huge) project.

Portal landing page
App screen
App screen
App screen

REEL – older

Animation reel compiling older work.


This is a rough start on a social media ad. Unfortunately, the project was dropped, so it’s unfinished.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing brands over the years.



Star Wars


Star Trek

Gearbox Publishing


STX Entertainment


Little Tikes



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